One-Year Anniversary of Parkland Massacre & Gun Banners Continue to Spread Their Lies

Today is the one year anniversary of the Parkland High School Mass Shooting, in the days leading up to today, Mainstream Media outlets such as the NY Times, MSNBC, Rolling Stone and others have predictably stirred up a boiling cauldron of emotional blackmail, seasoned with outrageous lies, re-interviewing select victims family members as well as parading “survivor” and media darling David Hogg for all to see.

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You might be wondering why I put “survivor” in quotes when referencing Hogg, well, it’s really quite simple. He ISNT a survivor in any normal sense of the word. By all accounts, Hogg was in another building, on the opposite side of the sprawling campus from where the attack took place. He was never anywhere remotely close to being in any physical danger. Calling him a “victim” or “survivor” is just as absurd as if I claimed to have survived a plane crash because I happened to be at the airport when one occurred somewhere on the grounds.

The same holds for Emma Gonzalez. As the overhead image of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High Campus shows, Gonzalez was also in a completely different building on the campus, albeit closer to the site of the attack than Hogg, but still far from any immediate danger.

Overhead Image Of The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High Campus
Overhead Image Of The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High Campus

Gonzalez has taken a somewhat lower profile role in the student push for extreme gun control, particularly after the “Never Again” March on DC last Spring. Hogg, however, is another story. He has eagerly prostituted himself out for the radical Gun Control powers that be; it’s obvious he loves the attention and limelight, its equally apparent his puppet masters have done a comprehensive job of indoctrinating him in the intricacies of their Official Gun Control Playbook of arguments. (see lead image above)

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