Scripted narratives: Here are the 10 directives mainstream media pushes to keep the world in the dark

When the Obama administration quietly legalized government propaganda back in 2013, few could have anticipated that basically the entirety of the mainstream media would eventually succumb to fake news. But this is where we’re at in 2018.

So much of what’s broadcast on television, radio, and even the internet these days is little more than parroted lies designed to project a narrative that’s increasingly further from reality. Many of the talking points come not from those who convey them to the public, but from shady, behind-the-scenes corporate, financial, and political operatives with a dirty agenda.

As reported by The Waking Times, it’s a whole lot of government spin being publicly projected as news, using tactics of mind control and mind enslavement to keep people confined to their respective political and ideological boxes.

“Corporate media has become a weapon of war, and they follow a certain missive,” writes “Sigmund Fraud.”

“Once you wake up to this game, though, it’s easy to see the framework in which they operate, and when you do, the talking heads and recycled government experts are a joke, albeit a dangerous one. Their tactics become more and more obvious, and their intent is easily recognized for its duplicity, subterfuge and hypocrisy.”

So what are these tactics, exactly?

The following 10 directives illustrate some of the most prominent methods of media mind control that contribute to the mass blinding of humanity:

1) Be afraid, not empowered. In case you haven’t noticed, the media loves to fear-monger about various issues and threats in order to keep the public subservient to the narrative rather than consciously engaged.

2) Omit and forget. How many times has a “false flag” event occurred in which key details don’t seem to align, but eventually gets swept under the rug, never to be heard about again? This is the media’s way of memory-holing truth and keeping the public enslaved to nonsensical propaganda.

3) Self-destruction is “cool;” self-awareness is passe. The media’s constant glamorization of destructive lifestyles and ways of thinking is a prolifically corrosive presence in society. At the same time, active cognition and self-reflection is almost demonized, because we can’t have individuals thinking honestly for themselves, now can we?

4) You’re always a victim, and the government is your savior. According to the media, no matter who you are – unless you have white skin, of course – you’re automatically a victim in need of the government to come and save you.

5) Overreact, don’t over think. One of the media’s goals is to rile people up, not to get them thinking critically. This further keeps the masses enslaved to the narrative.

6) Enrage, don’t engage. So much of what’s broadcast on the news is rhetoric designed to sensationalize and stoke an emotional response from the public – effectively closing the door to public engagement.

7) Indulge, don’t conserve. Buy, buy, buy: This is another message of the media.

8) Stoke conflict while ridiculing peace. The division in this country is stronger than ever, and you know what they say: Divide and conquer.

9) Think of war as a permanent societal fixture. Along these same lines, the media is constantly trying its hardest to normalize war, both domestic and abroad. If our troops aren’t galavanting off somewhere taking over some new country, then the American public, divided along political lines, is picking up the slack in the streets.

10) Panic rather than prepare. Another form of fear-mongering, the panicked nature of today’s reporting seems to be putting people into a frenzy more than encouraging everyday folks to do what they can to actually prepare themselves for the worst.

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