The new, dangerous logic of the Left: No evidence needed to destroy the lives of conservatives… accusations alone are now PROOF

Watching Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee grill Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh during a special session on Thursday was a disgraceful display of dishonesty and political theater that no doubt left millions of Americans thoroughly disgusted by what they were witnessing.

When Democrats weren’t parsing every word and syllable contained in one of Kavanaugh’s high school yearbooks for any hint of evidence he has been a lifetime sexual predator, they were dismantling a key tenet of American government: The Senate’s constitutional role to provide advice and consent for every presidential nominee to the Judicial Branch.

Their near-constant insistence that he subject himself to an FBI investigation was both nonsensical and inappropriate, for there he sat before them ready, willing, and able to answer any questions they put to him. That, of course, was supposed to be the reason why this second hearing occurred in the first place – that, and to hear testimony from his first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, who did not impart any groundbreaking information on the committee but rather left senators with more questions after giving answers that were puzzling or conflicted with earlier media reports.

But then Democrats weren’t really there for the truth. As one of them, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, made clear the day before the hearing, Democrats’ minds were closed from the outset, having already decided that they believed the accuser without any evidence to support her claims.

“…[W]hatever he says tomorrow, it will not change my view. And I’ve already read Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony and I believe her,” Gillibrand said.

Got that? Ford, a woman, says she was nearly raped by Kavanaugh so that’s that. No evidence or corroborating witnesses needed.

Evidence not needed, just accusations against a Trump nominee

Gillibrand and every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee aren’t the only ones tossing aside a fundamental pillar of American jurisprudence – the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. A guy calling himself a lawyer is saying the same thing.

“Porn star” attorney Michael Avenatti, who is representing another Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick, with a story so thin and a background so checkered not even The New York Times and other ‘establishment’ media believe her, claimed as well that evidence is not needed with Kavanaugh, as the allegations alone should be enough to destroy his life, his career, and any chance of ever serving on the nation’s highest court.

On Thursday, as the circus played out in D.C., Avenatti told #NeverTrump CNN – which has about as much credibility as he does – that it’s not his “obligation” to provide “all the facts and all the evidence right now.”

Host Alison Camarota said:

She attended well over ten house parties where Brett Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge were, and she said there was disturbing conduct. She saw Kavanaugh pressing his body against women without their consent and grinding his body against girls and attempting to expose body parts of girls and maybe his own and making crude sexual comments and being a mean drunk and spiking the punch at the house parties in order to make people incapacitated.

And this, a long line outside of a bedroom where there was a young woman inside in preparation for some sort of gang rape…how is this possible?

Well, no one is saying it’s not possible. What Kavanaugh has said as emphatically as he can is that he wasn’t in on it. And nobody named by these accusers is corroborating the accusations, either.

None of that matters, however. He’s a man. He’s been nominated by that lecherous president, Donald Trump. He’s a constitutionalist and a lifelong Christian conservative. Therefore, no matter what he says and despite there being no evidence to substantiate allegations against him, he’s guilty and must be treated as such.

What the Democrats are doing to our political system is so destructive as to be potentially irreparable. But then, that’s likely been the objective all along.

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