New revelations show the “alt right” was created by the radical Left as “controlled opposition”

Radical leftists haven’t stopped railing against the so-called “alt right,” an extreme vein of conservatism that’s often accused of harboring racists, ever since Donald Trump was elected president. But new evidence recently uncovered by author and scholar Dinesh D’Souza suggests that the “alt right” is nothing more than “controlled opposition” concocted by the Left to make all conservatives look bad.

Alt right leaders such as Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer, says D’Souza, represent little more than “liberal shills” who’ve been posing as conservatives in order to perpetuate the false narrative that the mainstream right is comprised of “white supremacists” and other unsavory characters. Truth be told, Kessler, for instance, is actually a former supporter of Barack Obama who also participated in the “Occupy” movement – neither of which represent true conservatism.

Kessler also reportedly dumped a former Jewish girlfriend of his who he claimed was “not liberal enough” for his personal tastes. And according to the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Kessler was a staunch leftist up until November 2016, when he had a sudden change of heart and began to play the caricatured role of “redneck racist righty.”

During a recent interview on C-SPAN, D’Souza explained all of this when he was asked about how he responds to people when they bring up the Charlottesville false flag event, which the Left continually uses as an excuse to portray the right as a bunch of neo-Nazis marching around trying to lynch black people.

“Jason Kessler, the founder, the organizer of Charlottesville, turns out to be an Obama activist, and an Occupy Wall Street guy,” D’Souza revealed.

“Think about this. Does it make sense, someone who is an Obama voter and supporter becomes a white supremacist? That makes no sense to me. You think the media would be, like ‘Let’s check this guy out,’ but there was a Charlottesville paper that did. It looked into his background, and it turns out he has a long left-wing history. They interviewed his girlfriend, and she goes ‘he broke up with me because I am too conservative.’ This guy, Jason Kessler.”

Richard Spencer denies God, believes in big government, and doesn’t believe people are created equally

As for Spencer, who’s been dubbed a “poster boy of white supremacy,” he has a similarly shady past that suggests he’s not a true conservative, either. When interviewed by D’Souza as part of one of D’Souza’s films, Spencer revealed some personal beliefs that suggest he, too, is a leftist pretending to be a conservative.

“Does he believe all men are created equal? No. I say, does he believe in individual dignity? No. Does he believe in the right to life? No. Where do rights come from? He says, ‘Well, they don’t come from God.’ So, where do they come from? He said, ‘They come from the government.” He is a statist. He believes the government gives you your right. And I ask him, ‘What do you think of Reagan?’ He goes, ‘terrible president.'”

These are hardly conservative beliefs, and yet somehow Spencer has been categorized by the mainstream media as being a “typical” Trump supporter – even though nothing could be further from the truth. If the public actually took the time to investigate these players themselves, they’d quickly realize that they’re being taken for a ride as part of an ongoing anti-Trump agenda.

“The point I’m trying to make is that the white supremacists are not conservative,” D’Souza emphasized during the interview. “They are not conservative in the modern, American sense of conservative. They are unrecognizable to a normal conservative.”

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