Mass HALLUCINATIONS of the Left: Baby prison buses, caged child refugees and other make believe fantasies of progressives

The last three days have brought us irrefutable proof that deranged Leftists are suffering from mass hallucinations that are wildly distorting their observations of the real world.

The intense, psychopathic hatred that has been driven into the gullible minds of Leftists has caused them to see the world through “HATE glasses” where every photo, video, news report or blog is somehow further evidence that President Trump is an evil, child-murdering monster who must be destroyed.

Check out these three stunning (and somewhat hilarious, if not pathetic) examples of insane left-wing mass hallucinations that went wildly viral in just the last three days:

OMG! It’s a prison bus for babies!

Take a look at the following photo of baby seats on a transportation bus:

Normal people see a clean-looking transportation bus with child safety seats, complete with seat belts, all in good condition.

But deranged Leftists actually see a “prison bus for babies” that they literally think is used by President Trump’s evil border patrol guards to steal babies away from their migrant mothers, and drive them off to “baby prison.” (Or perhaps to gas chambers, who knows when it comes to the fantasies of the deranged Left…)

Radical left-wing muckraker Jorge Ramos went berserk upon seeing the photos, tweeting out, “Bus for babies? Prison for babies? Yes, it’s Trump’s America.” And Ana Navarro added, in sheer horror, “America, this cannot be who we are.”

But the photo, it turns out, isn’t a “prison bus for babies” at all. In fact, the photo is two years old, taken under the Obama administration. According to a clarification from Information Liberation, it’s actually a field trip bus:

The image in question comes from a 2016 report by the GEO Group, a contractor with ICE, covering two new buses specifically made to take children detained at the Karnes County Residential Center on field trips “to a variety of places, such as the San Antonio Zoo, seeing a movie at the local theater, going to the park, etc.”

“Each seat has a convertible child safety seat and is equipped with a DVD system,” according to the report, “with four drop down screens to provide entertainment to the children with onboard movies during transport missions.” The two buses mentioned in the article are not equipped with bars/screens on the window or with steel cages, but are issued with camera systems.

In other words, they’re buses for field trips.

OMG! It’s a cruel white woman loving her own child!

Check out the following photo:

Normal people see a mother in a loving embrace of her infant child.

But deranged Leftists see intense hatred and cruelty because it’s a photo of Ivanka Trump holding her infant child.

As The Gateway Pundit reported:

Ivanka Trump posted a picture of herself holding her youngest child on Sunday and the liberals immediately went into attack mode. The hate-filled liberals on the other hand were angry with Ivanka Trump because federal authorities lost track of migrant children.

Never mind this also happened during the Obama years. Liberals are only outraged over this because Trump is president and Ivanka is evil for celebrating her love for her family.

Yes, to Leftists, a mother embracing her infant child is an act of pure evil that must be “resisted.”

OMG! Child refugees are being kidnapped by Trump and thrown into animal cages!

Taking the prize for liberal lunacy on steroids, the following photo that appears to depict refugee children being held in dog kennels went viral over the last few days for all the wrong reasons:

According to hyperventilating Leftists, this photo was “proof” that President Trump is a wicked, horrible human being who kidnaps little children and throws them into cages, making them sleep on the floor.

Liberals went insane over this photo, tweeting it out by the hundreds of thousands, spreading the (false) hate and blaming Trump for this heinous act against humanity.

There was just one problem with the story: The photo was taken in 2014 and shows refugee centers under the Obama administration.

Fake race imposter Shaun King, “wasted no time in militarizing the Obama-era photo against the Trump administration,” reports The Gateway Pundit:

I saw this photo floating around and didn’t know if it was real. It is. Children of immigrants are being held in cages, like dogs, at ICE detention centers, sleeping on the floor. It’s an abomination.

But the minute the photo was revealed to be from 2014, the very same Leftists who pretended to be “outraged” over “Trump’s treatment of refugee children” suddenly went silent. Their outrage evaporated almost instantly when the truth about the photo could no longer be denied. This was Obama’s refugee treatment, not Trump’s.

Mass mental illness has transformed Leftists into twisted, brainwashed zombies who can no longer process the world around them in a rational way

The upshot of all this is that Leftists have now been transformed into brainwashed zombies, and they’re utterly incapable of processing events in the world around them in a rational way. They cannot see beyond their own blind rage, and every photo, video or blog post is distorted beyond recognition in order to somehow place all blame on President Trump, even when the event took place years before Trump was elected president.

What this means for the rest of us is that it is useless to try to reason with left-wing zombies. The rational portions of their brains simply no longer function. They cannot be reasoned with, and they are immune to reality. To them, the only “reality” that matters is the delusional world they’re living in, which is nothing more than an engineered, shared mirage inside their own heads. This is why Leftists now scream “MY truth!” when faced with facts they don’t like. To them, there’s no such thing as objective reality, and facts don’t exist (neither do the laws of biology and genetics, according to the transgender activists).

Ultimately, this is why the big solution in all this is to defeat Leftists at every election so that these deranged zombies have no power over the rest of us. DEFEAT the Left and you don’t have to waste time trying to reason with them. There’s simply no point in it.

The proper place for a Leftist in a rational, free society is for them to be completely stripped of all authority or power over others (because Leftists abuse and exploit that power to abuse and dominate others). Only then can the intelligent, informed and aware people of modern civilization feel assured that their individual liberties, rights and freedoms aren’t going to be destroyed by the zombie hordes who advocate authoritarian rule and vote for corrupt, fraudulent Democrats.

Read more at or And the next time one of your liberal friends sends you a photo with a sense of outrage, check the facts first. It’s probably an “engineered crisis” by the fraudulent, fake news Left (which has no intention of participating in an honest society in the first place).

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