California state senators Richard Pan and Josh Newman fake a “racism hoax” to demolish health freedom bill

A scientifically supported, commonsense civil rights bill that would have allowed individuals and families to self-quarantine in their homes in the event of a pandemic without being forced to be treated with vaccines or antibiotics was struck down by two California Democratic senators on the basis that the legislation had racist undertones, reports.

The bill was authored by Greg Glaser, JD, of the Pandemic Response Project and officially named the Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act (PANDA) back in the year 2013. Glaser explained that his bill “PANDA” was a reference to the word “pandemic,” and, interestingly enough, said that he chose this particular acronym because, “The panda is a beautiful symbol of both peace and nature, especially given the legal protection pandas enjoy.” Furthermore, “PANDAS” is a well-known acronym for “Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus.”

But all of this was completely irrelevant to senators Josh Newman and Richard Pan, who decided to play the race card in order to exterminate the bill even though race had absolutely nothing to do with it.

“Where did the acronym PANDA come from?” asked Senator Newman. “The panda animal would seem to have very little to do with vaccinations, but it does tend to have a racial or ethnic tinge to it; it also includes the first three letters of my colleague’s name, and I could see where one might take offense.” Of course, by his colleague, Senator Newman was referring to Senator Richard Pan.

It goes without saying that the idea that racism played a role in the proposal of the Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act is nonsensical. This was a civil rights bill that simply would have allowed individuals and families to remain in their natural state in the event of a pandemic, free from vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical treatments that they might be opposed to. America is about individual liberty, and if we don’t even allow our people to live naturally in their homes in the event of a large-scale crisis, then how could we possibly continue to refer to our country as “the land of the free?” (Related: 69 U.S. healthcare workers have been fired for refusing to get the flu vaccination.)

The Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act was about liberty, not racism, and these two senators from California know it.

Yet this is a tactic that the liberals use time and time again to get what they want – if you are working to advance something that they fundamentally disagree with, or if you are trying to dismantle their left-wing agenda, then race is almost always brought into the equation in one way or another.

In December of 2016, the Washington Times reported on a new documentary put out by the fake news organization CNN, which alleged that Republican opposition to the big government policies Barack Obama spent his entire presidency trying to implement was rooted in racial animus.

At the outset of the documentary, which is titled “The Legacy of Barack Obama,” CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria begins by asking the question, “Did race play a role in the brick wall of Republican resistance to Barack Obama?” Throughout the rest of the documentary, many prominent liberal pundits and commentators are seen wholeheartedly agreeing with the assertion that Republican’s opposition to the 44th president was rooted in racism. (Related: A lunatic liberal college professor claims that meritocracy is a principle rooted in racism.)

In the past, liberals have also brought racism into the conversation regarding Obamacare, immigration, and even climate change. Whether it’s tearing down a piece of legislation that they don’t like (such as the Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act) or advancing their own far-left agenda, the leftists have learned that crying “racism” is an effective tool to get what they want, even if racism has nothing to do with it.

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