‘The New York Times’ Is Working Overtime to Rehab Communism and Socialism in 2017

The New York Times has long been known for having a fondness for all things politically left, but the Grey Lady has developed a real soft spot for communist and/or socialist nostalgia this year.

(Article by Stephen Kruiser republished from PJMedia.com)

The paper has been running a series called Red Century, which doesn’t so much just look at the history of communism as give apologists a very large platform to extol its virtues.

The series has offered such gem headlines as When Communism Inspired Americans and Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.

Monday, the Times Opinion account tweeted this:

Communism was Dale Carnegie before Dale Carnegie!

Some of the replies to this almost make you glad the Times put in the effort.

A personal favorite:

This one is graphic and disturbing, but some serious replies were in order:

Seriously, as many of the responses point out, the mere fact that the Times is willing to go down this road in 2017 is utterly mind blowing.

It also illustrates just how odd the American left is when it comes to their newfound Russia outrage. Most American leftists during the Cold War never worried about the Russians because they didn’t find anything objectionable in communism. That attitude is what helped them remain indifferent to anything going on with Russia all the way through the 2012 election.

But in the dreams of New York Times Opinion brain trust, communism wasn’t just something that didn’t have to be worried about, it was overwhelmingly empowering for women.

Well, there was one way it brought equality to the sexes: the Soviets had no problem sending women to the same labor camps as men.

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