#LiberalLogic101: ‘Every woman has the right to be believed’: Except those raped by Bill Clinton, beaten by Keith Ellison, groped by Cory Booker or killed by Ted Kennedy

I have been watching this debacle with Judge Kavanaugh for almost two weeks now, and there are some thoughts that I need to share.

(Article by John Velisek republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

I can come to no other conclusion than Judge Kavanaugh has been railroaded. Debra Katz, the lawyer for the accuser and a vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight, a Soros Funded entity, is doing nothing more than to run out the clock on the Judges nomination. It all started back at a meeting with Sen. Feinstein in July with the agenda of using this false accusation for the mortal impact.

Although having the letter from the accuser, Feinstein neither discussed this with the Judge nor was it brought up during the days and days of hearings which the Democrats turned into a circus. Now, these same buffoons are pushing an allegation with no substance. I am not an attorney, but even I know that the who, when, where and why of the allegation need to be known for the allegation to have any substance.

Even the original letter which was requested by Chairman Grassley has not been given to the Committee. Feinstein refuses to give an unredacted copy to anyone other than her caucus. She claims it is to protect the anonymity of the “victim”. We know who the victim is now, after being leaked by Feinstein or another Democrat who has the actual unredacted letter.

The braying by the media, celebrities and progressive socialist trying to bring down Trump is appalling in calling what they allege happened as rape. This does a disservice to not only Judge Kavanaugh, but to any woman who may find herself an actual victim of sexual assault and rape. Politicizing of this allegation will do immense damage to anyone in the future who makes an allegation that can be substantiated. Even Feinstein let slip the fact that she can’t say anything in the letter is truthful.

The media clutch their pearls and wring their hands about the threats that the accuser has received. No mention has been made about the threats that the Kavanaugh family have received. Could it be because those whining the most feel that the Judge and his family deserve what comes to them? Violence is becoming more and more a part of the progressive socialist agenda.


Politicians who should know better, Kamala Harris, Kirstin Gillibrand, and Amy Klobuchar have both proclaimed that the foundational belief that all are innocent until proven guilty is not appropriate to this case. Can either of the politicians explain why the Constitution does not apply in this case? They say “reasonable doubt” does not apply in this case, and, in fact, her case does not even need to be proven. Does that mean the rule of law does not apply in any case like this? Can any woman just make an accusation and destroys a person’s reputation and like just on her claims?

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